I'm starting a new company.
But first, let me get you up to speed with the latest updates.

3drops, my first company, has a new CEO. I hired William a while ago to work with me on the new direction of the agency. I started 3drops a little over a decade ago, as a home for my design work. It evolved as I grew up. It started as a one one-man design studio, grew into a full-service digital product agency and evolved into a SaaS studio. This year, we are further narrowing down our focus to better serve our best clients. 3drops is now a global (read remote) innovation studio for enterprises. 

Roadmap, my second company, has a new home. We started a new Startup Studio called OFC (Order From Chaos) as our new playground for creating simple tools for focused work. Griffith, 3drops ex-CTO is leading all ventures as OFC's CEO. During the Covid pandemic, we started working on a few new tools to keep ourselves sane. Meet Slim, our new take on customer analytics tool for early stage SaaS startups and Sincere, our new email/blogging platform for founders (which I'm using now to send you this email). 

And to better manage it all, I started Wayward Group, my new holding company that owns 3drops, OFC and my new thing. 

It's called Rising Enterprises.
I've always been asked why I haven't accepted any of the investment offers we've got for the companies I've built. The answer: they didn't require a lot of money to get them off ground. And once they were off ground, we had customers to pay us the money we needed so bootstrapping made sense. 

Rising Enterprises is different. 
It's big and, I'm raising money for it. 
This post is getting too long, I'll tell you more in the next one.